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Truth Be Told Sinn Sage

Price: $19.99
Clip length: 00:27:24
Posted: 11/17/2017
File size: 1.02 GB
Category: Sleeping - Knockouts
Secondary categories:
Breath Play , Tickling , Magic , Lift and Carry , Throat

Sinn Sage is ready for her next assignment as an assassin and pretends to be a bikini model. When she continues to deny her real role, he tazers her until she falls dazed into his arms. Her tongue sticks out and he places her to the ground before cradle carrying her to the bedroom.Her heavy body is thrown to the bed and he readjusts her so that they can have a nice little chat about her activities. The tiny bikini is stripped and Scott gropes her perfect body.Slapping her face, he straddles her and Sinn and mortified to find that she can move only her head. Scott had a special toxin which makes her freeze in place, but she can react to touch and talk. He alternates between tickling her and grabbing her delicate neck with his thick hands. Sinn  gasps to catch her breath between laughing and gasping for air.After this brutal treatment, she admits to being an executrix. Scott already knew this, but wanted to hear her say it before he takes her out of the game. Using a special method, he places his fingers on her trachea and she struggles, but eventually falls limp.Now that she is out of the way, he plays with her mouth and pulls her tongue out of the way. Her lips are pulled apart and he takes a mouth tour. Her pearly white teeth look so pretty and her tongue stays jutted out of her mouth.He moves to her eyes and admires the whites as he pulls the lashes apart.

OTHER KEYWORDS- male domination, magic control, erotic magic, s***p fetish, Sinn Sage, Scott Torvea, pubic hair, bush, all natural, humour, dark hair, tongue fetish