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Transformation Ring - Monica Jade

Price: $16.99
Clip length: 00:17:54
Posted: 09/29/2018
File size: 679.98 MB
Category: Transformation
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JOI , Nerdy Girls , Magic , Masturbation Instruction , Ugly

Monica Jade is a frumpy secretary that is tired of chauvinistic men who hit on the pretty, vapid girls. When she sees a package on her desk with a ring, she slips it on, but cannot take it off. She is a little worried, but heads to her boss's office so she will not be late.

As she takes notes, she feels a tingle in her feet and she cannot stop arching her feet as if she is wearing heels.It is unnerving, but she tries to focus on what he is saying. Monica notices that she is magically wearing high heels and crosses her legs in a sexy manner against her will as if they have a life of their own.

With all of her might she tries to hide it form her boss, it is impossible when she suddenly wears pantyhose and a short skirt instead of her dowdy skirt. It suddenly dawns on her that the ring is causing this to happen and she tries to pull it off. The only thing that happens is a more revealing shirt replaces her baggy shirt and her hair is no longer in a bun. Her vision becomes better and the ugly glasses now hurt her eyes. Now Monica admits to her boss that she gives up because her biggest dear has taken place. She is now dressed like the rest of the brainless girls in the office and she cannot control herself. Her hands cannot stop touching herself.The boss (POV) cannot stop looking at her and Monica notices that there is a bulge in his pants. This new found power arouses her. Monica becomes brazen and demands that her boss whip out his cock and stroke it in response to her sexy new body. Moans of pleasure spill out of her as she touches herself and orders him to cum.Monica is quite pleased with her new sexy self and has lots of fun in store!

OTHER KEYWORDS-transformation fantasies, transformation fetish, role play,  magic control, erotic magic, dirty talk, girl next door, African American, Monica Jade