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Training Lucy Purr

Price: $17.99
Clip length: 00:19:13
Posted: 02/14/2019
File size: 280.82 MB
Category: Sub Training
Secondary categories:
Beatdown , Damsel in Distress , Electric Play , Bondage , BDSM

 Lucy Purr is awakened with her arms overhead and her new Master asks simple questions to begin her training. When she won't answer, he gropes her tits and chokes her. That does not seem to get her in an accommodating mode, so he punches her belly and smacks her ass. This humiliating treatment causes her to cry out, but she is not in the mood to play with this evil man.Things progress as he pulls up her wrist binds making her belly stretch and tighten. As she tries to defend herself by kicking him, he uses a bat on her knees which makes her cry in agony. The breakdown is starting and each hit makes her incrementally more docile. Lucy starts answering his simple questions if only to prevent the t*****e and her eyes widen when he pulls out the snake whip. Her back is lashed and she arches with each impact.When Scott starts barking orders, she follows directions albeit tearfully. This was a good start to her training but it is time for her to be punched out. PART 2Scott wanders back to awaken his new toy, Lucy. Her renewed energy makes her more spunky than the night before, and she fights against his groping. The electrodes are placed above her perfect tits and she refuses to admit that he is her Master. The buzz courses through her body and she subtly convulses with each wave of electricity. It started with level 1, but Scott progresses higher and higher in order to break her down but she is resilient by refusing his mantras of “I am your sub”. She encourages him to go to level 3, because she has no intent of letting him win. Her resolve strengthens each time he gropes her tits which only makes him retaliate with a metal anal plug up her ass (implied). The electric currents brutalize her asshole and the nodes on her tits.Lucy moans in exhaustion as he raises it to level 6 but she still is not giving up any information. Scott decides to punch her out and let her hang in the binds. This girl will take a couple of trainings, but it will be done!

OTHER KEYWORDS-slave training, slut training, male domination, cuffs, AOH, SAM, Smart assed masochist,  leather cuffs, Lucy Purr, Scott Torvea, dark hair, landing strip

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