Sherry Stunns

Toughest Woman - Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 03/26/2018
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Category: Beatdown
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Smacktalk , Smoking , Muscle Worship , Flexing , Female Domination

Sherry Stunns lights up a thick cigar and blows air out of her sensual mouth. She puffs on it over and over as she enjoys the thick smoke. This is one sexy broad and she knows it as she saunters around the room pursing and blowing her lips.Scott enters and she starts asking him for her money or she is going to kick his ass. He smirks because she is such a pretty girl and there is no way that she can fight. Sherry laughs and says that if he can beat her up, he can have her as a sex toy.Before he realizes what is happening she throws a punch which sends him flying. Over and over she beats him until he groans in agony on the ground.Sherry flexes her strong muscles and makes fun of him for being a pussy. The smoke comes out of her mouth and she does not even need to take it out of her mouth as she berates him. This weak dude is boring her and she grabs him up off the floor so she can beat him to a pulp before blowing smoke in his face. Walking away, she flexes and declares herself the winner against pathetic men!

OTHER KEYWORDS-Cigar smoking, mixed fighting, Beat down, belly punching, smack talk, strong woman, powerful woman, muscle dominatoin, muscle worship, bodybusting, female supremacy, Sherry Stuns