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Tiny Dick Award SPH - Terra Mizu

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Posted: 07/12/2018
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Category: Small Penis Humiliation
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SPH , Laughing , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Female Domination

Featuring Terra Mizu!

Drop your pants so I can see your dick...I can't help but point and laugh at something so tiny! Props to you for being the smallest and you should get an award.

It's smaller than a clitoris and makes you look like an eunuch. See my hard nipple and how its bigger than your dick? I thought I would compare it to my pinkie or even my toe, but this is  hilarious. How do you masturbate? Does it grow when aroused? It's hard right now!?

It's too funny that I may cry. It looks like you will too, but you knew what you were getting into with that microscopic dicklette next to your normal sized balls. Is this a genetic defect? Did your parents want a d******r and do something to you? This is so sad and why would you show that to someone?

Can you even control urine or serum because that's just a hole? Can I touch it with my toe or would it get sucked into your black hole? Can I take pictures for my friends? Stay right here and I will be right back!

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