The Queen Of Frozen Dairy

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Posted: 08/10/2016
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Category: Fantasy

<font size=14 color=#e03d89><b> The Queen Of Frozen Dairy </b></font>

<p><b>STARRING: </b> Karma Leone and Javier L.</p>

<p>The young beautiful lady thinks she’s been selected to be the next Dairy Queen but when the director starts telling her about the process he hand he an antique mirror to look at when suddenly she’s frozen. As it turns out the mirror has magic powers and the director decides to take advantage of the young queen hopeful.

As a beautiful frozen doll she is placed in various positions on the bed. Her clothes are slowly taken off and we look over her whole body as she’s positioned in the next pose..</p>

<b>Fetish Elements: </b>Sexual Content, Nudity, Posing, Freeze, Body Views, Foot Views </b></p>

<p><b>Presented in 1920X1080 High Definition MP4 Format</b></p>

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