Sarah Michelle

The Interview Gone Wild!

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Posted: 12/15/2014
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Category: Brat Girls
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Fetish , Damsel in Distress , Embarrassment , Bondage

Sarah Michelle goes out to celebrate graduating law school. She parties a little to hard and is on the living room couch. Ludella Hahn is Sarah's jealous s****r. Ludella knows Sarah has an important phone interview with the country's top prestige law firm in a few hours and decides to teach Sarah a lesson about partying. Ludella checks to make sure Sarah is completely asleep then puts her into rope bondage and gags her. (There is a time lapse view of the bondage.) Sarah is eventually awoken by her cell phone. Completely surprised and confused at the bondage she is in, she still answers the phone- gagged! She is f****d to have the most important interview of her career bound and gagged. Sarah does her best to answer all the questions she is asked but it's really hard to understand her with a ball gag in her mouth and all that drool sliding down her face! The interview ends to Sarah's dismay and Ludella reveals it was her who did this naughty trick. Ludella then leaves Sarah still bound and gagged despite her pleas. Will you help Sarah?