The Doctor And His Doll

Price: $20.00
Clip length: 00:24:16
Posted: 06/19/2014
File size: 276.64 MB
Category: Erotica

Starring Alexandria and David

Directed by Alex Dorian

Dr. Judith Summers is working late doing some paperwork at her job at the hospital when her assistant David comes in to tell her that he is off for the night.

David is very good at his job, but tomorrow is his last day, he is off to work at his uncles wax museum. Dr. Summers has always liked David, and tells him that she is going to miss him.

Later that evening, a masked man enters her office and sneaks up behind her and injects a freeze serum into her neck, freezing her stiff.

The next day, David comes in and finds the office empty, he goes into their operating room and finds her frozen and naked on the table with a note stuck in between her ass cheeks. The note is from his uncle, apparently, he came in the night and froze her so David can start his new job.

David takes lots of pictures, posing his new frozen doll in several silly and sexy positions, he changes her face and stands her up and poses her standing.

Then he puts a sticky note on her forehead and drags her away.

Fetish Elements: Freeze, Medical, Nude, Bare Foot, Posing, Pictures, Timestop, Pussy, Pornstars, Captured, Foot Views, Body Views

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