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The Demise of A Helpless Male #2

Price: $9.94
Clip length: 00:10:40
Posted: 08/21/2014
File size: 641.89 MB
Category: Bondage
Secondary categories:
Masks , Fur , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Female Domination

This is another extreme femdom fantasy custom video request from my addict furfetishjoe.

"Video starts and he is already bound on the floor in black plastic wrap and hood with breathing tube. Stand over your conquest, I see your awake slave....Put your bare fur feet on the breathing tube and tell him to smell the sweet aroma of your feet...fill your lungs with my foot odor..... Then lie besides him, Ask him if he is ready to die for his Goddess................ First smother his whole hooded face and tube with your fur....The drug makes him happily accept his fate now. Then close ups of you faces as you toy with him, suck his air out and hold your fur over tube...then blow him some of your sweet breath back in... His life, his every breath is in your hands now...... Continue doing this over and over as you tell him this is what you do to pathetic men.... Men are to be used, drained of their money and tortured for your amusement..... This is how he is going to die, You are video taping it and sending it to his bitch wife.... Look what i have done to him smell of my furs and i add your lifes savings to my fortune... You will live in poverty as i take his money and the dumb bitch dies for me... I am so beautiful, so powerful, that I take thousands of pathetic fool husbands like yours and with one gaze at my beauty, one smell of my furs, their life are mine for the taking...... Watch as he dies for me, ready to die for your Goddess slave? Good boy! Take and give a few more breaths...then suck out his last breath and watch him die, his body and head shake right before he is dead, then mock him and his man can resit your beauty... "

(1920x1080p HD wmv - Shot on my Canon XA20 Professional Camcorder in stunning 1080p with crisp, clear stereo audio.)