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Testers Wanted - Anabelle Pync

Price: $11.99
Clip length: 00:15:53
Posted: 01/13/2018
File size: 606.66 MB
Category: Female Training
Secondary categories:
Mindfuck , Forced Stripping , Magic , Humiliation , Embarrassment

Anabelle Pync has been led into a research clinic to help with some clinical trials. There is a camera recording the results and she is told so that she knows what is happening even though it is really is for the tester's personal use. He claims the test is for prosthetic arms and legs and she finds it odd that they want to use her since she has all of her limbs. It is explained that they need to understand how the mind works with the musculature system. This all seems very reasonable...until her arms start trying to take her clothes off.

She yells out for help but Scott but he is enjoying the show behind the two way glass. The more her clothes come off, the more panicked she becomes. She tries to cover her body although her arms will not allow the modesty she craves. Her hands grope and vigorously shake her naturally large tits.

When Scott reenters the room, she is shocked and he pretends to be shocked. She is so embarrassed to be caught without her shirt on, and he tries to make her even more uncomfortable by telling her that she will not get paid if she does not finish the project. He lets her think that the test has not even started. Of course the test has started and he takes it to an even more extreme level.

Anabelle starts taking off her jeans . She whimpers in frustration as her body is completely out of her control. Her body is slammed against the wall and her ass is exposed as her own hands smack herself. Her pretty little panties are taken off and she is f****d to rub her clit with her rebellious hand against her will. It becomes even more comical as she does jumping jacks as she yells for help.

Scott comes in as she is completely nude and he tells her to get her things and leave. Payment does not seem very likely!

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