Teacher's Lounge

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Clip length: 00:17:52
Posted: 04/28/2015
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Category: Fantasy

Starring Darcie Belle, Breezy, and Javier

 Darcie and Breezy are hanging out in the teacher’s lounge, a rare privilege given to them by Mr. Bottom. Darcie tells Breezy that she’s allowed to be in there because Mr. Bottom thinks she’s pretty, so to get her revenge, Breezy slips some freeze serum in her smoothie so that she can prove to everyone what a slut she is. 

Darcie drinks up and freezes almost immediately. Laughing and calling her out for the fucking slut that she is, Breezy leaves her in the teacher’s lounge. A few hours later, the janitor comes in to clean up and notices Darcie sitting there. He addresses her, but receives no response, so he waves his hand in front of her eyes but her vacant expression does not change. 

Excited by his unexpected discovery, the janitor decides to have some fun with the frozen girl he found. He begins by posing her in various positions, then removes her shirt and bra. Then he lifts her skirt over her head and kneels to peel down her panties. 

Now that the frozen girl is naked, he sits her on the chair and spreads her legs so he can lick her tight pink pussy. He pushes his face between her wide open legs and sticks his tongue into her. Then he decides to bend her over, so her ass is sticking up in the air, and continues licking her pussy from behind. He’s totally turned on by all this, so he decides to sit her down in the chair and pulls out his cock. He starts brushing it against her lips, opening her jaw with hand so he can face fuck her. He starts going at it when Breezy walks in. He panics and runs off, but she’s gotten her revenge. She takes a few photos of the naked slut and leaves. 


Fetish Elements: Explicit Sexual Content, Pussy Eating, Nudity, Freeze, Posing, Lift & Carry, Doll, Statue, 


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