Sherry Stunns

Taboo Breeding FULL Version - Sherry Stunns

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Kyle Balls (POV) checks on his ***, Sherry Stunns, because *** left angry. They have been trying to have a baby, but her husband has a low sperm count. If she can't get pregnant, he may leave her for another woman. Being a good ***, he offers to give his young sperm to save the f****y, but it seems strange to his m****r.

After thinking about it, Sherry lays down the ground rules. Trying to maintain her modesty, Sherry asks that he not look at her body and she will wear a big t shirt. Climbing on top she strokes his cock to get him hard, but reaffirms that he can't touch because he is just a sperm donor.

Easing the cock in her pussy she tells him that he's a good boy for helping to bring a b*****r or s****r into the world. He's confused as she moans in excitement, and grabs her but she slaps him away.

Sherry begs for him to cum inside her today and everyday before his *** comes home. Despite her best intentions, she cums hard on his cock and pleads to be filled up with hot cum.

They make a secret pact to meet everyday after school before *** gets home!

Later, Kyle (POV) came home immediately after school because his m****r Sherry Stunns is ovulating. He's an angel to help impregnate his m****r. If she doesn't conceive, her husband will leave. They have a secret plan to let his f****r think that it's his offspring.

Sherry's adamant that he can't look at her nude body, but seems to enjoy it as he slides into her pussy missionary style. He asks if she had an orgasm last time because she was so wet and excited. At first she denies it, but hesitantly admits that maybe she did because she's ovulating and extra horny! A female cumming helps the sperm get higher inside, so it can't hurt!

Her sweet *** needs to put his jizz inside her for the good of the f****y. She tries to convince herself that this isn't an ongoing thing. Sherry doesn't notice when he grabs her tits and admits that he's bigger than ***. He's so small and that may be why they have not gotten pregnant with the traditional methods. He felt like he was stretching her out and suggests doggy style to make it more effective for getting his seed deeper. The doggy style makes her excited as she rides his cock to climax.

With a look of dirty pleasure and guilt, she looks back at her ***. They have one more day for conception to occur. Will Sherry be able to stop having sex with her *** after having such an illicit affair?!

Kyle (POV) comes home to his *** for the final session of making a baby. She normally doesn't let him see her nude, but because *** is coming home early, she strips and shows off her huge tits.

Throwing her *** on the bed, she goes down on him and gets him hard with an experienced blowjob. He's such a good boy to help impregnate her, and he can touch her if it helps him go faster. They have to let D***y think he's the f****r or he will leave them.Climbing on top in the cowgirl position, Sherry squeals in delight as her *** fucks her with his hard dick. Her husband was tiny in comparison to his large member! Now that he's warmed up, she goes to her back and let's him pound her. She rubs her clit because the more she orgasms, the higher the sperm will go inside her.

Leaving no position unturned, they switch to doggy style and he cums seeing his M****r's ass ram against his cock. He creampies her and they hurry to get cleaned up before D***y walks in!

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