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Switching Up Another Gear - HD

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Posted: 02/26/2019
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Big Tits , Goddess Worship , Financial Domination , Femdom POV , Chastity

''So, its about time we switch it up another gear on you... TODAY, this device is going on you. This is going round your cock. Your going to be locked up.'' You don't deserve to have a dick, You don't get pussy, you would't know what fucking a pussy even feels like any more. The only thing you know is servitude. ''Your dick deserves no action, no privileges ever, the privileges are all mine. Your dick is owned by me.'' You will do whatever Lady Nina tells you. Your so weak and feeble that its impossible for you to do anything else, she has taken over your every thought, anything else but whatever Lady Nina Leigh commands of you is secondary. You need to worship your strong dominant Goddess because you can't and wont get anything better! The thought both terrifies and excites you because she is the most sensational women you know, even if she can be brutal. Even when you don't get to touch, taste or sexually satisfy her, YOU WILL lock yourself up! She gets everything, your money, your attention and even your cock! (locked up that is) All you get is her instructions because your a pathetic, useless, piece of . You are, and will do exactly what she tells you, or else prepare to be visited and punished like other less fortunate slaves who dared to defy and or challenge her. Don't believe US? Watch the clip 'Nina's Ball Busting' this customer actually wrote to us confessing his need to be punished, LNL a true Goddess of PAIN, as always was happy to oblige.

You will be completely CONTROLLED and OWNED! All you get to do from now is devote your time and money to your DOMINANT GODDESS LADY NINA LEIGH.

WARNING: Do not buy this clip unless you are serious about chastity, devotion to LADY NINA LEIGH is expected upon purchase.