Sarah DiAvola

Sweaty Latex Socks 2

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Clip length: 00:04:43
Posted: 09/13/2017
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Category: Foot/Shoe Fetish
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JOI , Sweat Fetish , Socks , Foot Domination , Latex

I spent so much time making sure these latex socks are filled to the brim with My foot sweat, I decided I would make another video, just to tease you even more while you wait! Yes, these very socks will be in your hot little hands soon, and you'll be following along with My jerk off instructions. It's like foot fetish inception! With every little screenshot, every personalized photo, every juicy update I send you while I'm preparing them, you pay a little more and feel your excitement renewed all over again. It's not long before you've been drained of hundreds and edged so consistently that you might explode at the slightest breeze. I know how to tease you, My little sweaty foot boy.

Hear Me describe how slimy and full the insides of these socks are, how the aroma from My sweat is starting to seep into the rubber and stain it permanently, and how it's going to feel when you finally get to slide your dick inside of them. 

I know for a fact that you couldn't even last 45 seconds, and that you couldn't hold back your orgasm once the tip of your dick touched My socks. It's going to take a lot of self control to resist cumming for long enough to get your entire cock inside one of these slick, sweaty, smelly, latex foot-suits!

This is a sweat fetishist's dream and a foot fetishist's liquid delight. Eat it all up, slurp it, drink it, love it, from My feet to your hands.