Sherry Stunns

Swallowing Shots On My Head - Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 04/22/2018
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This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at TheSherryStunns at g m a i l dot com When I worked in the stripclub, I had a trick of d******g while upside downin a headstand.I'm going to see if I can still drink and swallow while putting all my weight on my head. My long legs go against the wall and I start with water to see if it still works. My head quickly turns red and the fluid tries to go through my nose but I'm ready for a big shot of booze!I chug it down easily, but get scared as the liquors become more stiff. Jack Daniels Fire segues to goldschlager and my legs manage to stay fairly straight in the air as I progressively get d***k. It really goes to my head when I flip over, but I'm so glad that my old party trick still work!OTHER KEYWORDS-  strong woman, powerful woman, inebriated, inebriation, muscular woman, muscular women, Sherry Stuns, @SherryStunns1

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