Humiliation by Rene

SuperGirl - The Dark Side (Erotic Video)

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Posted: 04/03/2017
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Category: Domination
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Brat Princess , Executrix , Muscle Worship , Goddess Worship , Cock Tease

Hey, Superman. It’s your cousin Supergirl. Sit down, we have to talk. I’m sure you’ve heard about My day today. It was a bit of a doozy! I’m sure my deeds today made quite a few headlines! You see, I woke up today and had this revelation. It’s far better to create destruction and chaos than to prevent it. LOL. Yeah, it started out with Me being woken up by this annoying construction truck. Totally PISSED me off! I guess my heat vision was too much for it to handle! Oops! Well, I have to tell you about the fire truck that tried to get by me. Who do you think won that battle? Are My stories getting you excited, Superman? Let Me tell you more! [Clip contains HOT sound effects!]