Luna Lain

String Cheese - Luna Lain

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Posted: 07/13/2018
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Luna Lain uses her crimson red fingernails to open the package of string cheese and seductively puts it in her mouth like a cock. A sensual bite allows her to feel the texture in her mouth before rubbing the head of cheese over her tits. She moans as her hands wander between her legs and caress her tits.

Another package is opened and she looks at you as she spreads her legs wide. Leaning back she eats and rubs her clit while giving you bedroom eyes. She talks about how it turns her on and arches her back while chewing. It tastes and smells so good!

A third stick is opened and she pulls a long string off the wedge before masticating and swallowing it down her throat. She dips the cheese on her pussy to give it extra flavor and consumes it while leaning back like a Greek Goddess. Another stick of cheese fills her belly as she teases you!

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