Sherry Stunns

Stress Relief - Loosey Lu & Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 07/13/2018
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Big Tits , Home Wrecker , Tit Worship , Orgasms , Masturbation

Loosey Lu and Sherry Stunns got a hotel as a stress reliever. They have been friends forever, but admit that they've had crushes on each other for a long time. They can't tell their husbands though! Caressing each other, they squeeze each other's huge tits. Loosey's nipples instantly get hard and she leans in for sensual kissing. Sherry loves the tongue piercing on her sensitive breasts. They just have to remember to wash the lipstick off before going home!Leaning back, they rub their pussies before taking turns with each other. Loosey can tell Sherry hasn't had sex in awhile because it's so tight. They finger each other and give the pleasure they have been desperately seeking! Their cum hard and loud as they moan in excitement.They plan excuses to get together more since their partner's can't make them feel this way!OTHER KEYWORDS- girl girl, kissing, home wrecking female masturbation, assisted masturbation, Lucy Lu, Sherry Stuns, @SherryStunns1

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