Devi Rose

Stocking Obsessed

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Posted: 09/19/2018
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Mindfuck , Foot Worship , Socks , Goddess Worship , Legs

This is new for you, a few months ago you would have never thought that you would be stroking yourself and getting off to just a simple pair of  stockings.  But that's the thing though isn't it?  They aren't just a simple pair of stockings on any old pair of feet.  They are MY stockings stretched over MY perfect feet and beautiful legs, you can't get enough of me.  So while I sit here sipping out of my glass, showing off my perfection you can sit there stroking your cock and fantasize about the tastes, the smells, and the feeling.  Take a drink with me and allow yourself to forget about all of the boring, mundane things in your everyday life and let me consume your mind.