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Special Cupcake - Terra Mizu

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Posted: 04/13/2018
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Category: Shrinking
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Taboo , Giantess , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Female Domination

Featuring Terra Mizu!

Did you like that cupcake I gave you? Do you notice that you are shrinking and I'm looking more powerful? It's a sad sight to see my b*****r getting so small, but it teaches you a lesson and brings you down a notch.

I'm in charge and you are going to respect me as the big s****r as I tower over you. There will be changes such as not walking in my bedroom without knocking. You are never allowed to be around me when I'm with my friends.

If you do anything bad, I could eat you or shove you up my ass. Too bad you were an accident and *** and *** don't love you. That's why I get all of the attention and best clothes while you get the ragged hand me downs.

I'm going to give our parents a favor and eat you. It will be fun to see you go down my big mouth! Bottoms up!

OTHER KEYWORDS- shrinking fetish, POV femdom, Terra Mizu, dark hair