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Small Penis Humiliation Compilation 2

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Clip length: 00:14:04
Posted: 09/06/2018
File size: 416.33 MB
Category: Small Penis Humiliation
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Small Penis Humiliation 2

I will be uploading compilation clips about all sorts of fetishes every week so bookmark My Studio/Store and check every day for updates! 

In case you missed it, here is the link to Small Penis Humiliation Compilation 1


So why make compilations of My clips?

When I make an SPH clip, small penis humiliation, it always has a little something else in it besides just humiliating the size of your inadequate pin dick. Almost all of My clips come from Custom Requests, so even though a clip may be about SPH, chances are that the loser that ordered it asked for something else to be included...Ass Worship, Boob Worship, Virgin Loser for instance. All that gets stripped away in a compilation clip about Small Penis Humiliation and you're left with 100% non stop SPH! Well, except for Tease and Denial that is. It's impossible to make SPH clips without that. Can you imagine Me telling you that I want your tiny cock soooo bad? LMAO! Me either...no way! You know, some guys have average sized dicks but still feel inferior because they don't have a nice big veiny rock hard super thruster monster cocks. Good. You should feel inferior because you are. Then you have the below average guys packing pretty small dicklettes. That's really sad. Sad for you but funny to Me. Maybe you do alright with the ladies because you have a great personality. Wait...scratch that...you're here...reading this description. What was I thinking? Then we have the oh so tiny baby dick freaks! So small that an outie belly button is bigger! LMAO!!! Google it and giggle. Which one are you dickwad? Painfully average, embarrassingly small, or a completely useless micro dick freak? I know that you don't have a monster cock, that's for sure!

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