Sleeping Pregnant Misha with very beautifull hands

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Posted: 04/21/2017
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Category: Sleeping - Knockouts
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Pregnant , Goddess Worship , Hands , Fingers

Custom request : You just got off the phone with your BF Reminding him that he promised you to come over and "CUDDLE" before you go to bed! ( while waiting for me) Mishell decides to read! But, Hal's Beautiful Mishell has been working double shifts!! So she's "extremely" tired!! So has she reads, Mishell keeps falling asleep over and over again! Mishell hears a noise , wakes up and thinks it's her sweetie! But it's not! So Mishell goes back to reading! But the same thing happens! Beautiful Mishelln keeps falling asleep! Finially I come home "quietly" hoping to catch my sweetie falling asleep! I see Mishell reading in the chair! Once again Hal's sweetie starts to slowly fall asleep again! Only this time Mishell starts snoring as she's falling asleep! Alex/Hal know when their sweetie starts snoring she goes out like a light!! So this is the perfect opportunity to do some limp play with Mishells pretty hands! So me and Alex play with your pretty hands for a minute or two!! Michell slowly wakes up!!! Sees her boy friend playing with her pretty hands!!! Smiles and says something like...sweetheart, would you stop playing with my pretty hands! You promised me!! we could cuddle when you got here!!! Mishell gives Hal a big KISS! The end