Luna Lain

S***p Therapy - Reya Fet & Luna Lain

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Posted: 07/18/2018
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Mindfuck , Female Training , Embarrassment , Female Domination

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Luna Lain visits a therapist, Reya Fet, with unconventional methods. The first step is some deep breathing and stretching. Reya leaves to allow some quiet reflection as the aromatherapy oils infiltrate the air. Luna's eyes roll and cross before she falls limp on the sofa. Reya is pleased that the treatment worked and ragdolls her heavy arms and legs. There is something so pleasing about flopping them as Luna lays helpless. Leaving her patient briefly, Luna awakens confused and embarrassed to be asleep. Reya offers fragrance samples of lavender and sandalwood to relax the senses. One of the fragrances causes Luna to roll her eyes and fall backward. Reya holds the fragrances under her nose longer to make sure that she gets the full effect. In an unprofessional move, she gropes Luna's tits before leaving.Once again, Luna slowly comes to and feels woozy. She'e embarrassed and gladly takes the tea that Reya brings but feels dizzy and can barely sit. Reya guides her deeper and deeper under her influence.Roused once again, Reya confirms that this is the normal process, but Luna doesn't want to continue treatment. Knowing that her fun time is almost over, Reya convinces Luna to allow a massage. Using specific pressure points, she easily makes Luna flop to her side and ragdolls her appendages. With disheveled hair and a fuzzy head, Luna awakens ready to leave, but Reya doesn't think she can drive in such a relaxed state. Using calming words, Reya starts an induction to control her mind. With a countdown, Luna falls asleep under Reya's command and is putty in her hand when she snaps her fingers. Without meaning to, Luna grabs her own tits and shakes her ass at Reya's command.

Unfortunately for Reya, some of the aromatherapy was released into the room and starts to feel the effects falling to s***p next to helpless Luna!

OTHER KEYWORDS-limp fetish, magic control, erotic magic, woman following orders, s***p fetish, ragdoll fetish, medical fetish, therapist fetish, Luna Laine, Luna Lane, @LunaLainXX