Princess Ellie Idol


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Posted: 07/11/2018
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Category: Vore
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Shrinking , Tongue , Giantess , Femdom POV , Mouth

You've just finished a cup of coffee from my office as I walk in the door. I ask you if you'd like a second cup but you decline. My gentle tone turns into a serious one as I confront you about a sexual harassment accusation from an employee of mine. I tell you to write down your confessions and accept fault with promise of change. I walk out of the room to give you time to think on it..only the whole paper confession thing is a lie. I never intended to SPARE you, John. I slipped a pill into your coffee earlier with the science to turn your body into a microscopic one. The perfect size to make you disappear! You're now just FOOD for me. No one will miss you John! I'm going to swallow you whole!!

Includes: boss/employee, licking, office domination, shrinking fetish, tongue fetish, vore