Luna Lain

Shoe Slave Transformation - Luna Lain

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Posted: 04/22/2018
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Category: Transformation
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High Heels , Foot Humiliation , Foot Domination , Foot/Shoe Fetish , Female Domination

This was a custom and if you would like to have your own, email me at LunaLainModeling at g m a i l dot comLuna Lain bought a new pair of high heels and isn't surprised when they talk. The stilettos beg not to be worn and that he only transformed for the money for his f****y. Luna berates him for not reading the contract and insists on removing her strappy shoes so she can try on the new highly arched fetish pumps.

He's scared that the reinforced toe pantyhose will smell, but Luna reminds him that this is his fate as she buckles the ankle strap. When she puts the other shoe on, it stretches him out and he moans in agony. Each time she puts weight on him, he cries. Mocking him, she heel pops to make him feel her big feet.

After her fun, she introduces him to the other shoes, but he complains about the smell of his new peers. Luna doesn't want to deal with rude and inconsiderate shoes, so she puts him back on to teach him a lesson. Realizing his plight, he becomes obedient and calls her Mistress like a good shoe should.


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