Sherry Stunns

Sherry Stunns Giantess

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Posted: 04/09/2018
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Shrinking , Vore , Femdom POV , Amazons , Female Domination

Featuring Sherry Stunns!

Hello Neighbor! I have a cigarette for you. Just let me light this up and let you inhale. Let's talk about you perving over me.

Are you feeling a little strange? I added something extra to your cigarette that will shrink you. I'm immune to it, but the herbs effect you. You are getting so small and there's no way you can jump over the fence to stare at me.

Are these big boobies what you wanted to see? They can smash you now. Were you trying to look at my ass. Now it can crush you when I sit on you! These big feet could smush you with my large soles. These quick hands could smack or flick you so easily.

How dare you ogle my large tits when you have been shrunk to a microscopic spec. Are you that stupid that you are willing to be smashed between my breasts?

I take down men like you and your wife will never know what happened. Stop sniveling because I'm going to eat you. Time to go down the hatch in my big mouth. Swallowing you was satisfying and knowing that you are in my belly and coming out of my ass into the toilet where you belong.

OTHER KEYWORDS- shrinking fetish, executrix, Sherry Stuns, @SherryStunns1, big tits.