Sherry Stunns

She Asked For It - Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 04/09/2018
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Sherry Stunns is resting and surprised when her neighbor barges in to tape her hands and ankles. He claims that she has asked for this treatment because of the way she teases everyone around town. As he bends her over the couch and removes her bikini bottom, she is helpless to defend herself. A metal dildo is jammed up her pussy and despite her predicament, she moans in pleasure as he fucks her with it.

As much as she loves it, she is concerned that her husband may walk in, but quickly forgets her concerns as she gets closer to orgasm. Begging for sexual release, she screams in excitement as she climaxes.

The neighbor had his fun and leaves so Sherry's husband can find her in this embarrassing situation. Struggling to get free, the dildo hangs out of her pussy and her top falls off of her huge tits.

It is no use and Sherry will have to figure out a way to explain this predicament!

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