Sherry Stunns

Selfie Balloon Popping - Sammi Ross & Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 07/16/2018
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Big Tits , Games , Female Fights , Ebony , Amateur

Sherry Stunns is annoyed when Sammi Ross sits down and starts taking selfies next to her. They challenge each other to a selfie taking contest and who is better at popping balloons. The one rule is no photobombing.

These two girls pose on the floor in seductive poses and pop the balloons between their thighs, asses and stiletto heels. Sherry grabs Sammi into a bearhug and smashes the balloons between their tits. Sammi retaliates only to have Sherry scissorhold her and use her tits to pop them into her face.

They squeal and smack talk about the other while engaged in competition. As the supply dwindles, they each are determined to outdo the other and win!

OTHER KEYWORDS- balloon popping, cat fight, cat fighting, smack talk, contests, Sherry Stunns, @SherryStunns1, Sherry Stuns, Sammi Ross, humour, high heels, Sammy Ross, 

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