Lyne Financial Dominatrix

Seduced into a Rinsing

Price: $14.99
Clip length: 00:13:00
Posted: 09/05/2015
File size: 364.26 MB
Category: Financial Domination

Like what you see, loser? Of course you do… this is fucking candy to you, this is what you LIVE for. Well guess what, this isn’t for you. This body is for a real man… you’re only here so I can drain your wallet, nothing more. you’re here for Me to spend all your cash on whatever My little heart desires. And I know you LOVE that I use you and abuse you for My financial gain. you LOVE feeling like a cheap, dirty whore, don’t you? It turns you on to be used by Me and My sexy body. Hahaha… the more power I take, the more power you want to relinquish. you were BORN to be RINSED by Me! In this clip you’re unable to resist as you visit My wish list and spend, spend, spend. I know you need this, I know you can’t resist, this is why you exist!

Topics include: little to no humiliation, financial domination, financial slavery, total power control, sensual domination, seduction, and more.