Miss Candie Cane

School Girl Miss Candie will do ANYTHING for Better Grades!

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Posted: 03/20/2019
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Hi teach, how are you? Yeah I am stuck in after school detention! Those teachers keep trying to get me in trouble! I am just tired of getting in trouble and your silly rules! And these school costumes are horrid, but they are a little hot LOL! Seeing the girls in these outfits must drive you crazy! Oh, it kind of looks like your dick is getting HARD?! I made the principals dick hard? You are SO cool LOL! If I only knew that I just had to play around with you and then I would pass high school haha! You are the best principal EVER! What if I make you feel good? And every time I get in trouble, you make it go way? Oh. that might work, huh? I start moaning and teasing my teach! I have never been this close to a real penis! I am still young teach! I begin running my tongue on the outside oof your underwear. I can't want to see a cock! You are driving me CRAZY! Horny little school girl! I want to grab it! Wow, I have never seen a real penis, as I bend down and start licking and sucking! I decide to pull down my uniform top! Then I start taking your top off! You are making me so HORNY! I go to town on that dick. Then I beg you to give me that cum! All over my face teach!! Watch me lick it clean! And now you better listen here! From now on you will do what I say, because I will tell on you if NOT!! I have your DNA ALL ocer me! I made a little bit go down my throat just in case you don't listen to me! I now control you! I GOT YOU! You were so EASY too!! I knew this outfit would drive you crazy!! Mindfucking you! You are mine now! What ever I say GOES!!

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