Mistress Harley

Saturday Night Jerk Junkie

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Posted: 08/12/2017
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Masturbation Instruction , High Heels , Tease & Denial , Brat Girls , Ass Worship

Alone again on a Saturday Night? Or did you avoid your f****y and friends specifically so you could stay home and hump your hand to beautiful women? The kind who would never talk to you out at a bar. Not that you see that many women as hot as me. I'm about to go out tonight, so I wanted to show you how hot I look. I want you to jerk your cock and worship me while you imagine what I'll look like out dancing tonight, rubbing up against hot men, teasing them with my body, before I go home and get fucked exactly how I want to get fucked? Little beta boys like you are only good for staying home and jerking off over the fantasy of being the boy I pick to come home with me tonight. The reality is a woman like me would throw a drink in your face if you tried to talk to me out at the club!