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Posted: 12/22/2018
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As Sydney writes her annual letter to Santa, a lot of things are going through her mind. She knows she hasn't been the best behaved girl. In fact, she's been very naughty. But that doesn't stop her from asking Santa for a lot of things. Writing letters is tiring though and a nap is in order. Next thing she knows, Sydney is on her couch and look who's there to pay her a little visit. It's Santa! Sydney's gets excited and asks him about the presents she's going to get. When it turns out there will be none for her this year on account of being too naughty, she decides it's time to put her naughty skills to good use and seduces the old man. He seems to appreciate the attention he's getting from the gorgeous woman in front of him. And it doesn't take long for Sydney to take out his cock and start sucking it. After that, there is no stopping her, she fucks him from all sides, and even Santa takes over at the end and leaves Sydney with a giant creampie. Surely there will be tons of presents under the tree for her after that experience. Or was it all just a dream?

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