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Custom clip request 'Scene 1:  The Wedding



In your living room, you are dressed in a see through blouse, short skirt, seamed nylons, and high heels.



“Dear Michael, you love me and I love you.  But what if you should ?  All your money would go to your estate.  I would be left out in the cold.  But all would come to me if we marry.”



Here you open my pants and start stroking my cock, and stare into my face.  “Michael, you do trust me, don’t you.  Don’t you want to marry me?  I promise, I will give you better sex as your wife than you have ever experienced in your life.”



Your handjob grows more intense, as you lick your lips and whisper, “Cum Michael just say yes.  Sign the marriage certificate.  Sign it. We can marry right now, on-line.”



Your hand never leaves my cock, as you say:  “Michael, look at this screen and repeat after me, I Michael take Goddess Celine to be my wife.  Say it.  And I Goddess Celine, take Michael to be my husband.  Now Michael, kiss your bride.”



“And let’s honeymoon in my bedroom.”



Scene 2:  The Honeymoon



In this bedroom scene, you edge me over and over, starting with French kisses, then a handjob (“dear husband, enjoy the best handjob ever”), then a blow job (“dear husband, enjoy the best blow job ever”), then a nylon footjob (“dear husband, enjoy the best footjob ever”), but no intercourse until you persuade me to sign a five million pound insurance policy, double indemnity for accidental .  Having signed, “Now, Michael for the best sex in your life”.



Here you fuck me in various positions, but saying to me, “Don’t cum, not yet . . . not yet. Hold edge. Hold edge.”



“Are you ready to explode? Cum in this glass.”



Scene 3:  The Accident



The next morning, we are both in bed still.



“Did you have fun last night Michael.  The best sex of your life.  Let’s celebrate.  Have a glass of champagne.”



Here you me hand a glass of champagne, into which you have slipped a drug.



“Oh Michael, you are p*******d.  It would be a most unfortunate accident if you were to choke on your own cum.”  



[Here pour the glass full of cum into a funnel, heading for my mouth]



“Such a dangerous hobby, Michael, eating your own cum.”  



“Oh dear, your p*******d muscles cannot handle the cum.  You are choking, choking.  With an empty glass in your hand, and traces of your cum in the glass.”



“Too bad the drug is not detectible. Too bad I was in the next room and did not hear you.”



“Goodbye Michael.  The most rewarding marriage I ever had.”