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Relaxing Yoga - Chanel Yeoung & Anabelle Pync

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Posted: 07/17/2018
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Category: Exercise
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Yoga Pants , Stretching , Flexing , Spandex , Leotard

Chanel Yeoung and I (Anabelle Pync) follow a yoga video and wanted you to watch us while we stretch out flexible bodies. We start with breathing exercises and you see our chests heave in and out.

I wear a skimpy leotard and yoga pants, while Chanel wears a tank that allows for downblouse shots of her ample cleavage. Her spandex pants show off her round ass as we both arch our backs. Our bare feet stretch, wrinkle and point as we limber up.  Little pouts and moans escape our lips when we are challenged in planks, but we love pushing our muscles and feeling the burn. We look so strong and powerful in our warrior pose and lunges.Now that we are warmed up, we can use this flexibility for naughtier activities!

OTHER KEYWORDS-  workout clothes, leotard fetish, Annabelle Pync, Chanel Young, all natural, bare feet, bare foot

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