Relax and Listen ASMR

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Posted: 12/08/2015
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Listen to my newest mp3 to experience blissful relaxation and arousal. This recording doesn't require a long time investment to feel the relaxation and eroticism you crave. In addition to the featured voice track, I recorded an evocative whisper track featuring ASMR. If you are not familiar with the ASMR phenomenon, it is an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. You may have heard of the "tingling" sensations which listeners report when they listen to ASMR recordings. There are many different ASMR triggers and not all triggers work with all individuals. And not all responses are the same for all individuals. ASMR is not h******s and it is not promoted to be erotic, although some listeners do experience secondary erotic responses to the sensory stimuli. To enhance your relaxation experience, the ASMR whisper track I devised may cause you to experience tingling sensations down your spine, tingles on your scalp or tingling even further into your back, arms and legs. ASMR is sometimes referred to as AIE (Attention Induced Euphoria) as listeners find that just attending to an ASMR recording can induce an overall euphoric feeling. ASMR purists will defend that the phenomenon should not be promoted for erotic purposes, but there are those who consider the response to be an attention induced head orgasm (AIHO). Not necessarily erotic, but a brain-gasm, an orgasm for the brain. See what happens to your brain and your body when you listen to this relaxing and arousing mp3! Click now to download and listen! 11:30 mins