Anabelle Pync

Pync's Palace Anabelle Pync

Price: $12.99
Clip length: 00:12:23
Posted: 03/14/2018
File size: 460.36 MB
Category: Tickling
Secondary categories:
Damsel in Distress , Laughing , Bondage , Voyeur , Foot/Shoe Fetish

Anabelle Pync is desperate for a room and takes the last room at a shady hotel that does not offer refunds. Little does she know that there is someone under her bed watching her every move.

When she enters, she is so happy to kick off her shoes and rubs her sore tootsies. As she walks around the room, her cute soles are on display to the voyeur. A tentative pair of hands reach out to tickle her feet and she readjusts her position to sitting on the bed with her feet dangling.

Time elapses and her ankles are bound so that she cannot get away. Anabelle laughs and swings her feet while the mysterious hands reach out to tickle t*****e her. Her toes point, wiggle and struggle to get away from the probing hands.

Poor Anabelle is suddenly dragged under feet and body, never to be see again!

OTHER KEYWORDS- foot tickling, foot play, damsel in distress, barefoot, barefeet, Angel Lee, Anabelle Pync, Annabelle Pync