Luna Lain

Programmed Babysitter - Luna Lain

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Clip length: 00:13:13
Posted: 07/18/2018
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Category: Female Training
Secondary categories:
Puppy Play , Mesmerize , Cheerleaders , Humiliation , Embarrassment

Luna Lain is always ignoring her babysitting charge (POV) because she is always busy chatting with her cheerleader friends. When he asks to play one game and promises to leave her alone if she does, she agrees just to have some free time. Besides, his magic control game is not going to work on her because she has great self control.

Her big blue eyes follow the pendant and she can barely keep them open. Once she is completely controlled, she agrees to do everything her new Master commands. She will have no idea what happened after he snaps his fingers and she will think everything is normal.

Luna is ordered to get on her hands and beg forgiveness for being mean. He grabs her phone and takes pictures of her as she does embarrassing tasks. As she jumps up and down, her tits fall out of her shirt leaving her exposed. She is then ordered to act like a chicken and a dog. He snaps his fingers and Luna wakes up not knowing that she actually did anything humiliating.

Later, Luna is back to her old games and this is easily remedied with a finger snap. Luna is told to go to face the wall and spank herself before making him a sandwich. This is the best game!

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