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Posted: 03/21/2019
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JOI , Executrix , Mindfuck , POV , Humiliation

You want to be a good slave a please me right? well good, then I have a special request for you..

You're sitting in front of Sydney after agreeing be a test subject and fulfill one of her greatest fantasies.. you see, she heard about an experiment where men were overstimulated to the point where eventually their hearts gave out! She always thought it would be so hot to do this to someone, and luckily for her, you volunteered to be her little experiment.

So she hands you some p-pp-rs to sniff, and wants you to inhale deeply. She's going to start you with a long joi session, gradually increasing the intensity and making you start and stop, so that your body is as pumped as possible while you're sniffing on command and pumping away getting closer to losing it..

will you last the entire 15 minutes, guinea pig? Will you be able to actually cum at the end, or will your body give out so that your Goddess can live out one of her greatest fantasies..