Sherry Stunns

Playing With Magic - Terra Mizu

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Clip length: 00:12:09
Posted: 04/17/2018
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Category: Magic
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Damsel in Distress , Tongue , Humiliation , Embarrassment , Mouth

This was a custom and if you would like your own, please email me at TheSherryStunns at g mail dot com

Terra Mizu waits for Sherry Stunns to return and finds a book on magic. It seems weird and ridiculous. Mumbling the words in jest, she becomes cold. Her mouth gets stuck open, then closed and she has issues talking.She's scared and struggles to maintain control of her mouth. Using her hands, she tries to wedge her lips to a neutral position. It looks like she is trying to give a blowjob and she realizes that feelaysheo in the spell meant fellatio! A ghost is trying to fuck her mouth and she's humiliated to be helpless against a stupid magic trick. Her eyes cross as it mouthfucks and gags her.When she tries to leave, an invisible f***e pushes her back on the sofa and makes her open her mouth wide with her red fingernails so the ghost can fuck her mouth deeper. After it cums, she coughs up ghost jizz and is mortified to be used in such an awful way!Terra tries to stick her tongue out as far as possible to get it off of her, but is more embarrassed when Sherry returns.

OTHER KEYWORDS- mouth fetish, erotic magic, magic control, woman following orders, stuck,  mouthfucking, humour, face fetish, slapstick, TerraMizu, big tits