Sherry Stunns

Playing With Chocolate Part 4 - Nyssa Nevers & Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 07/13/2018
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Nyssa Nevers and Sherry Stunns are slathered in chocolate sauce and pudding as they slip and slide around the bathtub. Sherry's thigh high stockings are slowly removed and reveal shiny, but clear skin that is unmarred by chocolate! Sherry rubs her pussy while Nyssa gingerly removes the nylons and sucks her pink toes. Sherry's feet caress Nyssa's tits and pinches her nipples with her feet.

They need more chocolate pudding and pour it sensually over their bodies. It makes that satisfying slap sound as it hits their skin and drops off in blobs to the waiting pool below. They rub the fresh chocolate over their large breasts and Nyssa licks it off of Sherry.

More and more tins are added to their collection and Sherry's aroused by the sensation. Squeezing Sherry's tits together, Nyssa pours chocolate between her cleavage while Sherry masturbates.

Nyssa wants more attention and has another bin of pudding poured over her ass.

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