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Playing With Chocolate Part 2 - Nyssa Nevers & Sherry Stunns WMV

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Posted: 05/10/2018
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Nyssa Nevers and Sherry Stunns are enjoying sexy chocolate sauce on each other's bodies and sensually rub it in. Their white shirts have some clean parts and there's a lot more chocolate to use. Sherry pours a fresh tin over Nyssa and the favor is returned.

 Now that they are completely saturated, Nyssa turns around and puts her ass in Sherry's face for some rubbing and kissing while she uses her hands to drip chocolate on her body.

 Stripping their shirts, they reveal fresh, uncovered skin and massage the clean areas to make it nice and dark. Their tongues lick the other's face to lick for drops of chocolate but end up kissing passionately. Nyssa sucks up a large glob of chocolate and has Sherry suck it off her tongue.

The chocolate is carefully placed in their hair and it's smooth and slicked back. When Sherry pulls out the chocolate pudding and places it on Nyssa's tits, her nipples instantly get hard in excitement!

OTHER KEYWORDS- wet and messy, wet & messy, gunging, girl girl, gunge, white cotton panties,  Sherry Stuns, @SherryStunns1

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