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Plastic Face - Angel Lee

Price: $8.99
Clip length: 00:09:38
Posted: 07/18/2018
File size: 108.29 MB
Category: Breath Play
Secondary categories:
Blondes , Nose

Featuring Angel Lee!

I am getting better and better at playing with plastic and thought I would show you how awesome it looks. I pull it tightly against my face and push it tightly against my face with my red fingernails. We don't want any air in there!All of my features contort as my face becomes super flat. My favorite part is how my nose smashes and looks like a little piggy! It is hard to believe that my eyes can contort into the positions that they do. My pouty lips become a caricature and almost cartoon like.Between each bagging, I breathe in deeply and hold my breath till I cannot take it anymore! My eyes water and my nose sniffles a bit, but it is worth it! The shiny plastic is so smooth and perfect that I feel like a doll whenever I wear it.

OTHER KEYWORDS-Plastic fetish, face fetish, nose fetish, funny facesAngel Lee, long hair

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