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Pizza Time - Angel Lee

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Posted: 04/23/2018
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Category: Food
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Vore , Burping , Face Stuffing , Mouth , Belly

Featuring Angel Lee!

This pizza looks so good and I cannot wait to eat it all. I smile coyly as I chew it and open my mouth so you can see as it masticates between my teeth. Since you love seeing the bits of food as they get broken down, I open nice and wide to show you everything!

The once large piece gets tinier and tinier as I really chomp down and you can see my jaw working hard! Sometimes I show you the inside after it is all chewed and empty so that you can see the contrast.

I show off my belly as it goes from flat to distended. It gets harder to chow down on the last part of the pizza, but I am determined to get it all down. Burping helps makes things feel better, but it is still difficult.

When I finally finish, it feels so bloated and fat, but the pizza was so good!

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