Luna Lain

Pie Challenge Part 2 - Zara Diesel & Luna Lain

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Posted: 07/19/2018
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Games , Orgasms , Humiliation , Embarrassment , Masturbation

This was a custom and if you would like to have your own, email me at LunaLainModeling at g m a i l dot comZara Diesel and Luna Lain have challenged each other to a fitness challenge and whomever loses gets pied with a pile of pies. Luna doesn't come close to Zara's flexibility when doing the butterfly stretch and is not happy to get pied in the face. Smiling, Zara loves that Luna is humiliated after all of her bitch talking. There is a rule that Luna can't wipe the pie off her face until the very last pie is thrown! Luna scrunches her face in anticipation and her eyes blink in frustration as the pies keep coming. Zara slams a pie tin on her face and it's stuck to her face before slowly falling down. Luna's hair is saturated with whipped cream and oozes down her body. The pies fly hard and Zara gets some cream on herself which makes Luna laugh. Prolonging the misery, Zara makes Luna wait for the last pie but Luna wants this embarrassing situation to be over.Whipped cream is everywhere and Luna looks around her house in dismay. They hug each other with the mess all over their bodies and decide to strip their yoga pants off. Zara rubs Luna's ass with excess pie filling and Luna returns the favor before putting cream on her tits.Rolling around in the slippery cream, Luna challenges Zara to a masturbation challenge. Whoever cums first wins!The girls rub their clits with whipped cream and moan in excitement. They both cum around the same time and won't admit that they other could have won. OTHER KEYWORDS-pie fetish, whipped cream fetish, wet and messy, gunging, gunge, food fetish, food porn, food and object crush, female masturbation, food masturbation, yoga pants fetish, competition, humour, Luna Laine, Luna Lane,  red hair, all natural,@LunaLainXX