Photographer s Revenge

Price: $19.00
Clip length: 00:31:05
Posted: 06/16/2015
File size: 445.44 MB
Category: Fantasy

Starring Lily LaBeau and Rock

 Rock no longer wishes to work for Ms. Michelson’s company as their photographer, so he pays her an office visit to discuss his severance. He wants the files of all the work he’s done for her company over the years he’s worked there. But Ms. Michelson can’t break the contract he signed for the company that guaranteed them rights to his intellectual property. Rock is unhappy. He wants his work for his portfolio, but Ms. Michelson cites the non-compete clause, and that’s just the last straw. 

In order to take matters into his own hands, Rock unpacks his magical camera. Right as they’re exchanging facetiously sincere goodbyes, Rock clicks the button and Ms. Michelson immediately becomes completely rigid. He will get his revenge in his own way. First order of business is retrieving all his files off of her computer. He doesn’t care about the stupid contract, they’re his photos and he will do what he wants with them.

 After he’s taken care of business, he just decides to have some fun. He unbuttons her shirt and removes her skirt, revealing some lacy lingerie and nude pantyhose. He poses her all around her office in various compromising positions, removing more articles of clothing and snapping blackmail as he goes. 

 He lays her on her desk, her legs high in the air, peeling off her pantyhose, then poses her doing various different things like eating salad and making silly faces, picking her nose and eating it. He fondles her breasts and carries her across the office to get different angles. Finally, he slaps a sticky note on her forehead that says “Out of Order,” dresses her partially in some goofy clothing he finds on her coat rack, and drags her away to have some more fun.


Fetish Elements: Sexual Content, Freeze, Nudity, Posing, Lift & Carry, Breast Fondling, Stiff, Pantyhose, Clothing Removal, Foot Views.

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