Sherry Stunns

Perving Neighbor Part 2 - Sherry Stunns

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Clip length: 00:06:02
Posted: 03/22/2018
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Category: Wrestling
Secondary categories:
Beatdown , Scissorhold , Body Busting , Face Sitting , Female Domination

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Sherry Stunns gave her pervy neighbor, Theron, a chance to leave but he stuck around to see more. She pounces on his pathetic little body and makes him weaker with a chokehold. Grapevining his legs, she sits on his stomach before sliding up for facesitting on his reddening face. She pulls his legs over his head while smothering his face and he's in agony! His body is thrown around using various submission holds and scissoring.

If he doesn't want Sherry to tell his wife that he's pervy, he has to do what she says from now on!

OTHER KEYWORDS- mixed fighting, mixed wrestling, scissor hold, scissoring, submission holds, grapple,  female supremacy, Sherry Stuns, @SherryStunns1, muscular woman, strong woman, powerful woman, weak male, dark hair, big tits