Sherry Stunns

Perving Neighbor Part 1 - Sherry Stunns

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Posted: 03/22/2018
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Category: Wrestling
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Beatdown , Scissorhold , Muscle Worship , Body Busting , Female Domination

Sherry is tired of her pervy neighbor, Theron, harassing her and when he comes knocking, she pulls his hair, dragging him inside for a beatdown. Chokeholding him, she demands answers. When he's not forthcoming, she wraps her strong legs around his neck. Squeezing he can only moan and groan in agony.

He gets whoozy, and she lays him flat on the ground so she can sit on his stomach. He stares at her tits and she shoves his head between her legs in a standing scissorhold. Falling to the couch, his red face gasps before he falls limp in her arms.

He regroups slightly and she puts his arms in a full nelson while scissoring his waist. She demands that he beg for release and promise not to be a perv. He agrees to anything in order to get free from her grasp.

Sherry uses her strong arms to make him go limp on the floor and kicks him while he is down. He twitches slightly and is out from this fight!

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