Perpetual Plateau Phase

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Posted: 01/12/2018
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Category: Orgasm Denial
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Tease & Denial , Cock Tease , Orgasm Control

There are 4 stages in the sexual response cycle; Excitement, Plateau, Orgasm & Resolution. Today I'll tease & talk you through these phases, as we explore which is the most exciting place to be. I know you want to cum so badly, but I just love to keep you hard, keep you aching, keep you dripping and on the edge, and I think by the the end of this clip you might just agree with me that it's best to stay there. I can be very persuasive, when gyrating my hips in eyelash lace lingerie...I can be very persuasive when you're distracted by my nipples slipping out of this bra...I can be very persuasive when you're at your hardest and horniest, so much so that you might end up denying yourself indefinitely...Don't cum. Stay hard. Enjoy a perpetual plateau.