Panty Grinder

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Posted: 10/12/2017
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Category: Cum Eating Instruction
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Boots , Humiliation , Femdom POV , Boot Domination

What do we have here? Once again I leave you home so I can go out to the bar and have a good time and what happens? You just have to sniff my dirty panties and play with your dick. You want dirty panties, I'll give you dirty panties. Give me those. See me grinding my boots on these? All that gunk, spilled beer and god knows what else is on the bottom of these boots. Now that the bottom of boots are clean take these back and slide them on. Now jerk your cock in them. Jerk that dick until you cum inside of them. Now put them in your mouth and suck all that cum and filth off of them. Those are your's now.