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Paige Turner Gets The Electric Chair

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Clip length: 00:18:36
Posted: 03/06/2019
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Category: Electric Play
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Male Domination , Sleeping - Knockouts , Damsel in Distress , Bondage , BDSM

Paige Erin Turner is led to the electric chair. Despite the blouse, skirt and ballet flats, she's a tough girl who's arrogant about her own execution.

The guard straps her in and places the sponge on her head with the metal cap. He reads her statement as stares down the witnesses. An electric current zaps and she jerks in the straps. Her toes curl, fists and teeth clench as her eyes are screwed shut. She's frozen in place and goes limp when the flow stops. Apprarently dead, the guard asks for another round. Paige jumps upright in the binds, p*******d by the currents. He now declares the sentence served and dismisses the viewers.

Later, she's been stripped and lays under a sheet. The guard writes her toe tag and hears a groan. Annoyed, he calls his superior to confirm that the execution must continue despite the questionable condition of the chair.

Paige feels hungover and is confused why she's nude. He explains as she tries to protect her eyes from the bright light. She's blindfolded and rebound in the chair.

Throwing the switch, the chair isn't getting full power. She grunts and gargles as she shakes and convulses. It stops and she pants hard. He's not happy and resumes before she can catch her breath. Screaming and convulsing, she falls limp. A groan emits and a third jolt makes her squeal before she gets the full power and goes ridgid. Sentence served.

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